Magnet Therapy Electric Eyes Massager - Gem Owl
Magnet Therapy Electric Eyes Massager - Gem Owl
Magnet Therapy Electric Eyes Massager - Gem Owl
Magnet Therapy Electric Eyes Massager - Gem Owl

Magnet Therapy Electric Eyes Massager

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Presbyopia,Myopia,Puffiness, Eye Strain and Dark Circles around the eyes can be seriously nauseating and tiring to get rid of.
But, with rapid improvement in technology, our magnetic therapy electric eyes massager are here to offer a dependable solution.
We all know warmth can relieve pain
That is why this massager has the warm compress which brings down the pain level from your eyes. It also relaxes muscle spasms and increases blood circulation. You can choose between two levels of heat - the low heat allows 35-degree to 38-degree Celsius of temperature and the high one maintains a temperature of 39-degree to 42-degree Celsius.
Acupressure technique
Massagers come with built-in microcomputers. This means they have adjustable features according to the different areas of one’s face. This includes changing air pressure as well.
Electric Eye Massage is a well-established way to provide comfort to your eyes
There are three massage modes in this which operate at three levels of vibration frequency. These unique modes calm down your eye muscles at the frequency you prefer. In addition, it has a high-frequency magnetic field which boosts your metabolism and thus you can stay more energetic!
Having your own eye massager at home is the next best thing
An eye massage not only relaxes the eyes and boosts recovery, it also takes care of the muscles and tissues in and around it. A good eye massage stimulates the blood in the muscles and capillaries to flow better.
  • 1 x 1pc of Magnet Therapy Electric Eyes Massager


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